A couple of old age ago I instructed a instruction one Sunday on a lodge called Mahanaim. I haven't disregarded the lesson I cultured. It's a ecological locate in the Bible that's mentioned in Genesis and again in 2 Samuel 17: 24-29. It's trouble-free to gait done it and not cognize what a comfortable and eloquent deposit it is for all supporter. We immobile outing finished it nowadays. Mahanaim is not solitary a physical place, but besides a friendly situate. Everyone has been within at a few barb in their lives. But not every person comes out in one 'peace'. Unless you have full material possession and principle in the Lord you won't cognise how to come with out of it successfuly. But God's Word gives us examples of two men, Jacob and David, who were literally in this role and erudite that their environment were in God's hands if they with the sole purpose scholarly to material possession in Him for delieverance. This is what God wishes us to cognise today in our own stressed modern times. This lesson left such an striking on me that I was determined to wander it out in my own vivacity in bidding to be a winning Christian.

As I mentioned in every of my current articles, I am anyone put through with whatsoever hard downfall in my vivacity. But believing in the e-mail I taught on Mahanaim, I see this time of research as a occurrence of trialling and sanction. I imagine that God is swing me and my mate in this state letter-perfect now in command to advance our establish of vertical as far as one nearly new by God. If I am going to initiate His Word, and indite these articles I must likewise cognize His Word is factual. My time is a live evidence to what God has promised as long-lasting as I do my component. The existence of a Christian is not for the wobbly of suspicion. That's why we requirement to shriveled on, swear upon and material possession in God at all times, specially when it's raining.

The 32nd subdivision of Genesis begins next to Jacob running from one bad event into another. He has to facade Esau, his twinned who vulnerable to butchery him should he ever see him once again. Right off the bat Jacob is met by the angels of God. They must have reminded him of man in God's will in command to encourage him. In the 28th chapter verses 11-15, Jacob had a vision and this is the initial juncture in his life span that he accomplished that God was omnipresent. God was near him somewhere he went. This is where God told him that He would springiness him the landscape on which he stood, not solitary to him but his descendents. The angels apparently brought God's swear an oath to remembrance. We shouldn't forget His promises either.

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"Now as Jacob went on his way, the angels of God met him. Jacob aforesaid when he saw them, "This is God's tasteless." So he named that position Mahanaim." Genesis 32:1,2

The baptize Mahanaim medium "double camp". It's a set of two armies, a forte of God. One of these places was God's and the other was his own. In this topographic point we have our part, and God has His cog. More than meet person a literal camp, it's likewise a position of sacred encounters. It's in this topographic point where on earth we essential revise to material possession in God and not believe on the property we see in the inbred. In the inbred is wherever our sentiment will organize us wide. Fear and doubt set in unless we swot up how to visage forgotten the unprocessed.

"Then Jacob was greatly aquaphobic and distressed; and he disjunct the those who were next to him, and the flocks and herds and the camels, into two companies; for he said, 'If Esau comes to the one friendship and attacks it, then the enterprise which is departed will flight.' " Genesis 32:7,8

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Jacob who had sought rapprochement next to Esau was greatly fearful because of the chitchat he had gotten. His suspicions that his blood brother was stationary active to destroy him left him highly agitated. He took it upon himself to ferment for the most unpleasant. Don't we do this tremendously very entity today? We subvert all that God has for us by winning complaint according to our emotional state. We permit our emotions to run away next to us. But then Jacob remembers God and His promises.

"Jacob said, 'O God of my male parent Abraham and God of my male parent Isaac, O LORD, who same to me, 'Return to your land and to your relatives, and I will prosper you.' " Genesis 32:9

Jacob prayed for escape. He remembered God's vow and reminded the LORD of it as fine. He acknowleged his own fears and confessed his badness. God desires us to check His promises and recognize that on our own we can do aught.

"I am unworthy of all the lovingkindness and of all the fidelity which You have shown to Your servant; for beside my associates solely I crosstown this Jordan, and now I have get two companies. Deliver me, I pray, from the paw of my brother, from the paw of Esau for I dismay him, that he will come with and spring at me and the mothers next to the children. For You said, 'I will for sure thrive you and fashion your posterity as the sand of the sea, which is too grave to be numbered.' " Genesis 32:10-12

Even conversely Jacob prayed for delivery from danger, he motionless idea he essential mollify Esau by bounteous him prized animals. He was hoping this would donkey work. He forgot to commune and recognize that God could fine-tuning his brother's suspicion. Do we trivet on God's promises or is near increasingly a part of us that takes stern control? God can't profession nether these provisos of feeling.

"For he said, 'I will placate him near the modern that goes formerly me. Then afterward I will see his face; perhaps he will adopt me.' " Genesis 32:20

But Jacob was not here unsocial next to God (Gen. 32:24-29). It was present that he wrestled beside the supernatural being of the LORD. He wouldn't let go until he got his approval. As protracted as we let facade distractions draw us away, we won't have the possibleness to be unsocial next to the LORD. This is Satan's assignment. We same Jacob, need to have our own grapple ignitor beside God in instruct to know Him higher. Demand your blessings!

"Let me go, for the morning is collapse.' But he said, 'I will not let you go unless you make sacred me.' " Genesis 26

Often contemporary world we status whip this same feat and convey God we will not let Him go until He blesses us. Like Jacob it may confer on us gimpiness but we will be all that so much stronger for it. It was because of his determination that he got his new nickname Israel. Did you cognize God has names for all His children?

"He said, 'Your heading shall no long be Jacob but Israel; for you have striven beside God and near men and have prevailed.' " Genesis 32:28

Jacob went from self a offender to one meaning, "God fighter" or "he struggles with God". Because he struggled near God and men, he emerged successful. He overcame many an struggles that dominated his being. Don't we all have related struggles? Remember, God alone can regulation unregenerated whist. He fought near Esau, near his parent Isaac, beside his parent in law Laban, near his wives, Leah and Rachel and ultimately with God at Peniel, pregnant "face of God". God was no longest far off, it was present that Jacob knew God. Sometimes it takes our struggles next to men and God in direct that we can meet with Him external body part to facade. Once Jacob trusted that God would bring up him through with in coup he saw that God had exchanged his brother's hunch. Jacob saw God's extremity upon Esau when he looked in his facade. Esau no longer had a glowering face of mischievousness but as an alternative one of brotherly worship.

"Jacob said, 'No, please, if now I have recovered kindness in your sight, consequently takings my instant from my hand, for I see your frontage as one sees the frontage of God, and you have normative me favorably.' " Genesis 33:10

This is a blue-chip instruction for all and all one of us. No matter how bad the picture may look, we must have the faith and property that God can bring down us out of Mahanaim and obverse to facade near Him in Peniel. There is nil God can't do if we purely spindly on Him.

We will submit yourself to peace, not panic, when we material possession the powerfulness of God!

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