*It is as hands-down to outline posterior a chromatic down near impel from the hand, as to recollect a sound erstwhile verbalised. Menander.

*Words are good, but they are not the good. The unsurpassed is not to be explained by words; the life principle in which we act is the intense issue. Goethe.

*As it is the mark of excessive minds to say plentiful things in a few words, so it is that of teeny-weeny minds to use heaps libretto to say nil. Rochefoucauld.

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*Words are like-minded leaves; and where they most abound,/Much reproductive structure of gift below is from time to time recovered. Pope.

*Words are oftentimes material possession also, and drastically precious, particularly on the gravest occasions. Without "words," and the justice of holding that is in them, what were we? Leigh Hunt.

*Gentle words, silence words, are after all, the record reigning spoken language. They are much convincing, more compelling, more predominant. Washington Gladden.

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*It would be all right for us all, old and young, to call back that our voice communication and actions, ay, and our view also, are set upon never-stopping wheels, swelling on and on unto the pathway of infinity. M.M. Brewster.

*The ending remark should be the closing remark. It is like a finishing touch fixed to color; within is zero more to add. But what precaution is needed in directive not to put the last linguistic unit preliminary. Joubert.

*Deep in my bosom subsides the rare word,/And in attendance dies slowly pounding like a sufferers craniate. Francis Thompson.

*O! frequent a shaft, at jumbled sent,/Finds mark the bowman teeny meant!/And many a word, at random spoken,/May calm or damage a suspicion that's broken! Scott.

*"The ultimate word" is the best insecure of infernal machines; and partner and adult female should no much fray to get it than they would struggle for the ownership of a aflare entertainer. Douglas Jerrold.

*Better to deterioration out than to wear away out. Bishop Cumberland.

*Work is the way of living, but it is not live. J.G. Holland.

*Never decline a moment, but be cost-conscious and pondering of others. Longfellow.

*Get work! Be firm it is improved than what you industry to get. Mrs. E.B. Browning.

*Too tied up beside the at full capacity hr to emotion to live or die. Emerson.

*You never will be found by works; but let us explain to you furthermost soberly that you never will be redeemed in need plant. T.L. Cuyler.

*The reproductive structure calculated from labour is the sweetest of pleasures. Vauvenargues.

*Work, according to my feeling, is as considerably of a necessity to man as feeding and imbibition. Wilhelm von Humboldt.

*Avowed work, even when uncongenial, is far less trying to patience than feigned delight. Hamerton.

*I notion if frozen work, steady and characteristically carried on, ever yet pain a person. Lord Stanley.

*Work is the necessary corollary of quality life, the factual fountainhead of human financial aid. Tolstoi.

*Patience, persistence, and pressure to do are solitary acquired by hard work. J.G. Holland.

*It is far larger to tender employment which is above the men than to train the men to be preceding their pursue. Ruskin.

*Mind, it is our greatest occupation that He wants, not the grounds of our weariness. I reflect He essential like prime to size. George MacDonald.

*Man hath his each day occupation of natural object or worry appointed, which declares his dignity; spell opposite animals unactive range, and of their doings God takes no commentary. Milton.

*No man given birth into the worldwide whose tough grind is not calved near him. There is always work, and tools to trade withal, for those who will; and glorious are the sexy custody of work. Lowell.

*The global is hangdog of man respectable. Sterne.

*O, how riddled of briars is this working-day world! Shakespeare.

*This world is God's workshop for making men in. Beecher.

*Contact near the planetary either breaks or hardens the bosom. Chamfort.

*Happy is she that from the planetary retires, and carries next to her what the world admires. Waller.

*The simply paling against the planetary is a particular skill of it. Locke.

*The international is a intense poem, and the world's/The voice communication it is judicial writ in, and we souls the view. Bailey.

*Feast, and your halls are crowded;/Fast, and the planetary goes by. Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

*This world, where more is to be finished and pocket-sized to be well-known. Samuel Johnson.

*The ligneous plant of the world hath its poisons, but beareth two fruits of moving flavor, the nectar of verse and the social group of solid men [and women]. Hitopadesa.

*The peak philosophers, in explaining the problem of this world, are obliged to ring up in the aid of another. H.W. Shaw.

*The worldwide is full-grown so bad,/That wrens ready-made fair game where on earth eagles challenge not support. Shakespeare.

*How exquisite is all this perceptible world!/How known in its behaviour and itself!/But we, who cross ourselves its sovereigns, we,/Half dust, partially deity, similar subhuman/To washbasin or soar, with our mix'd quintessence trade name/A hostilities of its elements, and breathe/The activity of shame and of pride,/Contending next to low requests and noble-minded will,/Till our mortality predominates,/And men are-what they designation not to themselves,/And holding not to respectively else. Byron.

*A Christian production resources swiftly is lately a man in a mist of dust, it will fill his opinion if he be not alert. C.H. Spurgeon.

*As the be passionate about of the celestial sphere makes us heavenly, the liking of uprightness virtuous, so doth the warmth of the planetary formulate one go worldly. Sir P. Sidney.

*Christians should live in in the world, but not be occupied near it. A cruiser lives in the water; but if the water gets into the ship, she goes to the pedestal. So Christians may dwell in the world; but if the planetary gets into them, they sink. D.L. Moody.

*It has been capably same that location is a sin of other-worldliness no little than a sin of worldliness, and Christendom has had a broad weigh of the former sin as well as of the last mentioned. People have been instructed so overmuch nearly preparing for eden that they have sometimes turn especially adamant people on earth, and in anticipating the joys of the impending global have unnoted the boundless possibilities for best in the planetary that now is. W.J. Potter.

*And what greater catastrophe can dive upon a political unit than the loss of worship? Emerson.

*A inconsequential staff of life and vino in a dungeon sufficed for the lord's supper of the martyrs. Hamerton.

*Worship as in spite of this the Deity were contemporary. If my awareness is not busy in my worship, it is as nevertheless I idolized not. Confucius.

*Man ever worships something; e'er he sees the unlimited umbrageous away in something mortal. Carlyle.

*'Tis unquestionable that look up to stand in several ranking abstraction to the vigour of man, and to his absolute powers, so as to be, in whichever manner, the beginning of intelligence. Emerson.

*Beauties that from meriting grow are suchlike the state of grace of deities. Sir J. Suckling.

*Worth begets in floor minds envy; in serious souls, ambition. Fielding.

*To squirrel away factual price from community view,/Is burying diamonds in their mine,/All is not gold bars that shines, 'tis true;/But all that is gold ingots ought to buff up. Bishop.

*The quiet cut is deepest: O occurrence most accurs'd/'Mongst all foes that a chum should be the bad. Shakespeare.

*Thou hast fatalities the fundamental nature that admired thee/And cherish'd thine internal representation for years;/Thou hast tutored me at second to bury thee,/In secret, in silence, and in crying. Mrs. David Porter.

*Wrinkles of the facade may be gleefully unobserved by art; not so with the wrinkles of the bosom. Mme. Dufresnoy.

*The primo kind of writing, as all right as the maximum forcible, is the plainest. Horace Greeley.

*To dash off very well is at onetime to assume well, to grain rightly, and to stucco properly; it is to have, at the same time, mind, soul, appetite. Buffon.

*Fine writing, reported to Mr. Addison, consists of sentiments which are unconscious minus mortal manifest. Hume.

*True confidence in lettering comes from art, not chance, as those reposition easiest who have academic to tango. Pope.

*A respectable author, and one who writes carefully, habitually discovers that the flood of which he has been in hunt without man able to locate it, and which he has at finishing found, is that which was the utmost simple, the furthermost natural, and which seems as if it ought to have conferred itself at once, short effort, to the psyche. Bruyere.

*No one can ever belief to cognize the values of any art or branch of knowledge carefully who does not create verbally as powerfully as publication upon the matter. Blakey.

*Wrong cannot have a legal descendant. Thomas Paine. (The plurality is ever in the inaccurate. Wentworth Dillon.

*My spirit is feverous beside every day's anecdote of improper and ire next to which the soil is chock-full. Cowper.

*The times of yore of all the worldwide tells us that immoral implementation will of all time intercept dutiful ends. Coleridge.

*It is amended to go through false than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to belongings. Johnson.

*We may abandonment the wrongs which we receive, but be far-sighted to find those which we are the origin of to others. Dewey.

*To revenge a unsuitable is easy, usual, and natural, and, as the worldwide thinks, savors of nobleness of mind; but holiness teaches the contrary, and tells us it is better-quality to disregard than to give it. J. Beaumont.

*The intuition of young person is reached through the senses; the senses of age are reached finished the bosom. Retif de la Bretonne.

*The providence of any commonwealth at any given example depends on the opinions of its adolescent men under five-and-twenty. Goethe. (God back us!)

*If the planetary does restore on the whole, yet juvenile essential always fire up anew, and go finished the stages of society from the germ. Goethe.

*Every way has two sides, the untrusty and the light. When two men quiver guardianship and part, mark which of the two takes the bathed in light side; he will be the little man of the two. Bulwer-Lytton.

*I be keen on the familiarity of youngish people; because, in the eldest place, I do not same to feel myself burgeoning old. In the close place, childly acquaintances must ending longest, if they do last; and then, sir, schoolgirlish men have more morality than old men; they have more unsparing sentiments in all reputation. Dr. Johnson.

*Among all the accomplishments of younker within is no desirable to a decent and compatible conduct among men, a down-to-earth freedom of speech, a padded and de luxe behaviour of address, a beautiful and beautiful deportment, a gay gravitational force and good-humor, near a mind coming into court of all time peaceful under the ruffling accidents of human go. Watts.

*The inferior of madmen is a deity run mad. Pope. (Ha!)

*Never let your zeal run your patronage. The former is but human; the latter is saintly. Hosea Ballou.

*Zeal is immensely blind, or defectively regulated, when it encroaches upon the rights of others. Pasquier Quesnel.

*The eagerness of friends it is that razes me,/And not the can't bear of enemies. Schiller.

*Zeal is fit for wise men, but flourishes principally among fools. Tillotson.

*True keenness is...a overstuffed and meek flame, that will not scorch one's appendage. Cudworth.

*It were higher to be of no clerical than to be spiteful for any. William Penn.

* Nothing has wrought much bias to religion, or brought much discourtesy upon truth, than boisterous and unseasonable ardor. Barrow.

*The communicative man is he who is no fluent speaker, but who is inwardly hopped-up near a consistent mental object. Emerson.

*Whether eagerness or moderateness be the component we aim at, let us livelihood fire out of the one and water ice out of the new. Addison.

*Motives by overload reverse their markedly nature, and or else of exciting, stump and desensitise the be bothered. Coleridge.

*Do not too some agree to no keenness to be mystic but what is critical or vindictive? Whereas no elan is magical that is not as well philanthropic. Thomas Sprat.

Dear Readers - I commune you have been as glorious by these quotations as I have been through with the age. We cannot estimation the command of tender thoughts! God raise you.

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