The heroes were many

it was you, it was me.

Firemen, policemen and soldiers

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you see.

They fought to salvage lives

and gave up their own.

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We emotion and respect them

for what they have done.

We had to clash back

because state was at part.

There is no locate for terrorism

in any of our states.

Our political unit came together

and decided to disagree.

Army, Navy, Marines

and the same.

The Heroes are plenty

it is you and it is me.

Home of the brave,

land of the gratuitous.

We gave of our silver.

We knelt descending and prayed,

for all of the people

who were depress in the sparkle.

This unbearable tragedy

has brought us mutually.

United as one

we all stood mutually.

We are a country

of selection and valour.

For our rights and our freedoms,

we will go to any dimension.

If we must fight for peace,

we will conflict side by side.

Respecting our differences,

while putting them deviation.

No entity the challenge,

we will cheer up each new.

Because we are American,

sister and male sibling.

Heroes are more than enough.

Just expression say.

Everywhere you look,

An American can be found.

He is vertical tall,

because he is vain.

Proud to be an American,

and say it out ringing.

Boys and girls

Moms and Dads,

heroes are plenty

just gawp on all sides.

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